Party in the Park this Saturday to celebrate birthplace of #NHS in Trafford


THE annual party in the park to celebrate the birthplace of the NHS at Trafford General, will be bigger and better than ever before.

More than two dozen local charities, community groups and campaigners will be joining in the celebrations this Saturday at Golden Hill Park in Urmston – a stone’s throw from the hospital where Aneurin Bevin launched the NHS on July 5th, 1947.

This year’s 67th birthday celebrations, which will include live music, more than 26 stalls, children’s entertainment and food and drink, will be aiming to raise awareness about mental health.

Headlining the event will be Small Weller – the popular The Jam local tribute band who are sure to attract a big following.

Organiser Cllr Joanne Harding said:” This is the fourth year we have held a party in the park to celebrate the NHS and this celebration will have more than ever before.

“There will be lots for children and families to do, enjoy themselves and have fun, some great live music, as well as a serious message about tackling the stigma and lack of funding surrounding mental health.

“The party in the park has quickly become a very important annual event for Trafford – it’s about celebrating the NHS which is loved and valued more than any other British institution, at its birthplace, right here in Trafford.

“It’s our claim to a little bit of global recognition. The response and support from local organisations and local people who are all giving their time free, shows just how proud we are of our NHS.

“It’s also part of our campaign to make sure we keep our NHS, as a public service free to all at the point of need. “

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With your support, I will continue to work with my community

winningby Cllr Jo Harding

I am incredibly pleased and honoured that the people of Urmston have put their trust in me again and have elected me to serve as their Councillor for four more years. Thank you.

Last Thursday was certainly a night of shock and disbelief for many Labour Party members and voters.

Over the past five years of the coalition Government, the most vulnerable in our society have been hit hardest.

Cuts to adult social care, disability benefits and youth services have all been coupled with the introduction of the Bedroom Tax.

Locally, we see the impact of the cuts every day – more fly-tipping and less action, unswept streets, more potholes, the decline of our shopping centre and the lack of investment in our communities.

In the face of all of this, the British people still didn’t feel they could trust Labour to govern the country.

As a party, we will dust ourselves down, regroup and learn to engage better with local people and hear what they are saying to us.

Locally we face another round of devastating cuts in public services, with our services and parks sold off to the private sector, whose aim is just to make a profit. It’s a scary landscape for people who rely on public services.

As a local councillor, I am committed to working with my community, to continue to fight for local accessible healthcare for all and to fight your corner.

I will be looking closely at mental health services for young people, including children. More and more young people and their families rely on these services year on year, yet funding is being cut.

The care of older people is another cause for concern, with frail older people stuck in Wythenshawe Hospital due to a lack of investment in community services.

There is a lot of work to do – I am determined to live up to the trust you have placed in me.

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Campaign update: on the doorstep, people have had enough of the Tories


By Joanne Harding

PEOPLE in Urmston have had enough of the Tories.

Two people in Stretford Road told me point blank: “It’s time for a change.”

The future of our National Health Service, the impact of cuts in local services, the lack of policing locally and community safety are all issues which are being raised with me on the doorstep.

I remember being accused of ‘scaremongering’ by local Tories a few years back, when I warned about the future of Trafford General, birthplace of our NHS.

Sadly, my warnings have been proved right. My casework is full of stories about local people who can’t get the treatment they need at our local hospital. They have had to travel further and wait longer for treatment at other hospitals.

And worse, elderly people are now being forced to stay on wards at Wythenshawe Hospital, because there are few community services to support them at home.

People tell me that our local communities are being ignored as the Tory cuts bite, with rubbish piling up, streets not being cleaned and Urmston becoming a ‘dumping ground’.

unnamedThere have been some lovely moments – one of my neighbours knocked on my door to ask if she could deliver some leaflets for me.

Another woman gave me the thumbs up and then ran after me for a window poster.

Thankfully, the UKIP bubble appears to have burst.

Streets in Urmston where we noticed a UKIP following last year, seem now to have turned their backs on Nigel Farage’s one-man band.

People want to engage and talk about Labour’s plans for Trafford and for our country – and contrary to what the pundits say, Ed Miliband appears to be coming across very well with local people.

But I am not complacent. I intend to fight for every single vote to help me continue to serve the community I love.

I take nothing for granted and whatever the outcome on May 7th, I shall continue to be active in my local community and to stand up for what I believe in.

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Trafford patients stuck in hospital because of community care crisis #UHSM

wythenshawe hospitalTRAFFORD patients are being left stuck in hospital because of a lack of care facilities in the local community.

Figures revealed by health chiefs show that in one recent week, more than 20 patients who should have been discharged were forced to stay in Wythenshawe Hospital for days, sometimes weeks.

Beds are being occupied by patients who are now fit and well and should not be kept in hospital any longer, because there are no facilities in the local community to support them after hospital discharge.

It means that not enough beds are being ‘freed up’ for patients who need treatment, lengthening their waiting times for treatment and increasing hospital queues.

Councillor Jo Harding said: “Worrying figures revealed by Wythenshawe senior managers at a recent Health Scrutiny meeting showed continued pressures at Wythenshawe due to delayed discharges of people back into the community. There have been many days where beds are occupied by patients who need not be in hospital any longer.

“When health bosses closed Trafford’s A&E department, we were promised that “community care” would be in place to speed up discharges home from hospital.

“During one week last month, a ward was packed with patients that were desperate to get back out into the community and were well enough to be discharged.

“But they were forced to stay in hospital because of a huge gap in community care in Trafford.

“We all know that the last place a frail, older person needs to be, is stuck in hospital. They run a much higher risk of picking up a hospital-acquired infection and becoming disorientated and depressed.

“And families are being put under increasing strain and pressure trying to find proper care for their loved ones.”

Cllr Harding added: “I have now requested a formal meeting with Trafford health bosses to demand answers and a solution to the lack of care home providers across Trafford.”

“These terrible figures show the scale of the care crisis that is affecting the most vulnerable people in Stretford and Urmston,” said Stretford and Urmston Parliamentary Candidate  Kate Green.

“Increasing numbers of elderly people in our community are ending up stuck in hospital, rather than receiving the proper support they need.”

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Work starts on community garden for local residents

community garden

WORK has started on a new “community garden” in a joint venture between local residents and Trafford Housing Trust.

The land at the end of Stephen Street and Jack Lane in Urmston has been neglected for months and was regularly fly-tipped.

Cllr Jo Harding met with residents and suggested they work together to develop the patch and turn it into a community garden for everyone to enjoy.

After talks with Trafford Housing Trust, workmen have now moved onto the site with the community garden set to be completed by the end of March. Continue reading

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A ray of light for Urmston’s Golden Hill Park


by Cllr Jo Harding

I attended a very positive meeting of The Friends Of Golden Hill Park last night.

This community group was the brain child of Emma Carter, an Urmston mum who approached me last Summer for advice on how to set up the group.

Like many other local families, she uses Golden Hill Park regularly and had noticed its very dated play area and its need for a make-over, so families can enjoy the park for many more years to come.

I encouraged Emma to get some flyers produced, set up a Facebook page and call a meeting. I contacted the Urmston Partnership to establish what their plans were for this town centre park. Continue reading

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Road safety fears raised by residents

trafficROAD safety has featured a lot in casework for Urmston Councillors Jo Harding, Cath Hynes and Kevin Procter.

There are serious concerns regarding speeding traffic on Princess Road, Urmston and residents are genuinely concerned that an accident will occur if something is not done about this soon.

This is a residential area with cars parked on either side – but the road is used as a “rat run” and people who live on the road say they regularly witness near misses. Continue reading

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